August 27

Today, we did not much, so if you’re looking for excitement, you might want to skip today.  In fact, we swam all morning, after a slow easy start, then headed over to Mongkok for some shopping, just for the heck of it.

This time around, we have been determined to make this a slower-paced vacation than prior trips.  We’ve done all of the major sight-seeing anyway, so the things we do are repeat visits.

After lunch, street food again, we continued to shop, although actually buy nothing!!  Later in the day, Danny had committed to going to a memorial with his cousin, so he was leaving us on our own at 4pm.  I had asked the girls what they wanted to do, and guess what it was?  Swimming, followed by pizza.  Ok, I figured, as long as the behavior is good!

Back to the pool we headed.  We have been extremely lucky with the weather while we’ve been here.  See the sun shining in the photos taken from the pool?  We’ve been enjoying lots and lots of sunshine, and little rain.  This is very unusual for Hong Kong in August.

I had to force the little buggers out of the pool to get them to go to dinner, and it was nearly 7pm by the time we walked down to Pizza Express.  They ordered their usual Kids Combo cheese pizza, while I had what they call Buffalita (pizza with very little cheese).  Unlike other times, both kids still had space for the dessert that came with their dinner, so Emily had the fabulous chocolate cake you can see in the photo, and Stephanie enjoyed the ice cream.  To really finish it off, they both had their petit hot chocolate, and we called it a night.  They had befriended a little girl in the restaurant, who spoke English with an Aussie accent, so they chatted with her for a while too.

All in all, we had a great afternoon, evening on our own.  The girls really behaved, and because of so much swimming, they were tired and hungry.

Unfortunately, we had decided to let Emily go and sleep in the same room and bed as Stephanie tonight, since Danny would be coming back very late.  That proved disastrous with some of their worst behavior I’ve ever seen.  I texted Danny and told him to get back to the hotel and take one of the kids to his room before I lost my sanity (what little I have left).