August 18

Today was another funny, but low-key day.  Not sure Stephanie is entirely over jetlag, since she woke me up at 5:51am again today, but whatever.

Breakfast was the usual—hotdog buns for the kids and crunchy, terrible Special K for me.  The coffee really makes it better though!

The original plan for the morning had the kids going to the botanical garden and playpark with Danny for a couple of hours.  Danny had an 11:00 appointment at his dad’s memorial with his aunt, so I had decided to take myself down into the city for a while.  Well, I kept my end of the bargain, but the kids and Danny not so much.  They apparently got to the park, went on the swings for about 10 minutes, then declared that it was way too hot to play, and they only wanted to swim.  So, I got a text message that pretty much wrecked my morning outing.

What I did get to do was to go to the fruit market and buy these purple fruit things from Vietnam.  I can’t remember what they are called, but the fruit inside the ugly purple shell is sweet and unlike anything else I’ve eaten.  Bought myself half a dozen of them and walked back up the escalator happy.  Yes, that’s all it took 27HK$ worth of fruit (about $3CDN) and voila!  Happy!

When I got back, the kids were already very water-logged, so we let them swim for a while longer, then Danny went to meet his aunt at the memorial building.  They had asked that me and the kids meet them for lunch afterwards, so we left the pool, got dried and dressed, then headed down.

Lunch was good, but the kids weren’t great.  They are tired, after getting up too early, so their behavior wasn’t stellar.  Danny’s aunt still seemed happy to see them, so it was ok.  We gave up shortly after lunch, though, and I negotiated a deal that had us head back to the hotel to rest, and then swim more afterwards.  Notice the pattern??

On the way back to the hotel, we did a “hotdog bun run” to get breakfast for tomorrow, and while at Maxim’s bakery, I bought Pandan cake.  Check out the colour in the photo.  Yes, it’s that green.  No, my camera isn’t screwed up.  When we got back, I tried to get Emily and Stephanie to try it.  Emily tried and loved it, but Stephanie wouldn’t even try. 

We did rest, although none of us actually slept, so the kids and I headed to the pool again for the afternoon.  About 36 degrees and nothing but sunshine, so perfect pool weather.  They swam for over 2 hours, enjoying every minute of it.  Danny had gone into the city for another appointment, so it was just us girls again.

Oh yeah, after we got back from swimming, guess who was into the bright green cake??  If you’re thinking Stephanie, you’d be correct.  Little monkey tried it, and decided it’s her new favourite treat.  She ate a whole piece and was all about when she’d be able to go buy more.  It’s really moist and lovely, with a delicate taste, nothing strong.  I had to google it to find out what it is, and it’s a Malaysian treat, from some kind of leaf. All I know is that it tastes GREAT!

Originally, we had talked about going for street food tonight for dinner over in Mong Kok, but that didn’t happen as planned.  The kids were completely exhausted from swimming and sunshine, so we went to Little Sheep Hotpot and had a great meal.  They ate well, behaved well, and everyone came back happy.  Street food will have to wait for another night.

A little bit of “iPad time”, and their beds were calling to them, so another great vacation day of sun, swim and food was ours.