August 20

Today was very boring, as far as sharing with you guys!!  The kids spent most of the day in the pool.  In fact, they spent so much time in the pool, that I had to negotiate a deal to get them out of the pool.  Danny had yet another appointment with the lawyer, this time to pick up paperwork.  And the lawyer’s office is over in Mong Kok, which is a great shopping/walking area, so I wanted the kids to come with us and I wanted to wander the streets.  They wanted pizza.  Check the photos, they got pizza.  As long as I can get my Coke Light (the HK version of Diet Coke) and it’s icy cold, I’m a happy camper.  They girls demolished their pizza, and then agreed to hop the subway over to Mong Kok. 

We used the hotel shuttle partway, then the subway.  I know I’ve said it before, but transportation in this city is nothing short of awesome!!  And cheap.

We wandered around in Mong Kok, after Danny picked up the papers.  Stephanie insisted that we stop at her favourite chain snack store, with the homemade mango ice cream, so we did.  My favourite treat was the bubble tea I had.  I saw a shop (check the photos) with a huge outdoor wok full of claims in spicy sauce that I really wanted to try, but after pizza and dessert, I couldn’t do it, so we vowed to come back another day.

The girls loved Mong Kok, because it has zillions of cell phone and electronics stores.  They played with cell phones at every. Single. One.   It was funny to start, but got tiring early on. 

We did check to see if we can buy another iPad here, but they are sold out in Hong Kong with no ETA on replenished stock, so we’ll have to stick with the two we have for now.  For the skeptics in the crowd, I am dead pleased with ours.  The girls have used them for so many hours, I can hardly believe it.  Especially because there is very little English language television programming here in Hong Kong and none at all in China.

Danny’s cousin had invited us for dinner tonight.  Funny arrangement, she is hosting a dinner at Pok Hei’s apartment.  Pok Hei and his family are actually in Thailand for a few days of vacation.  Oh well, whatever works.  Originally Danny had promised that we’d only be there for about an hour, eat a light snack, and go.  Of course nothing ever works out that way, so we were there for hours, with lots of old people, too much food, and no one for the girls to play with.  It was a painful visit, to put it mildly.  Danny and the kids ended up sitting on the floor playing Uno cards.  Thankfully, I had bought those while we wandered the outdoor market in Mong Kok.

After dinner (finally) we grabbed a taxi and headed back up to the hotel.  The girls were totally exhausted.  Lots of swimming in the morning and lots of wandering around in the heat all afternoon, and they were done.  Sleep came very early for all three of us girls.