August 21

Last day in Hong Kong for this half of our vacation!!  So we asked the girls what they’d like to do, and guess what they said “swimming”. 

I started the day out demanding a dinner choice of my own.  There is another hotpot restaurant down in Causeway Bay that I really like, and that’s what I want for dinner tonight.  In fact, I was negotiating with the kids, and they got a deal that included swimming both before lunch and after, and I got a guarantee that we’d have my choice for dinner.

Before we left for Hong Kong Danny bought a new camera (Sony TX5 waterproof) that allows him to take cool photos underwater, to a 10’ depth.  That’s how we get the awesome swimming photos that we’ve been sharing with you.

Not a lot of other news to share for today, since it was swim, swim and more swim.  The weather has been hovering around 36 since we got here, with very high humidity.  It rains many days, but usually not for too long, but very heavy rain.

Dinner time, we took a bus down to Causeway Bay.  We got to the restaurant around 6:00pm which is very early for dinner by Hong Kong standards, so it wasn’t yet busy.  We ordered lots of great foods, and the restaurant was as good as always.  The bill at the end was a pretty good surprise, too, because this place is way cheaper than Little Sheep.

We had to find a bakery after dinner, so that we had things to bring on the ferry ride tomorrow.  We found one after a short walk, grabbed some cakes and buns, and then a taxi back to the hotel.  It has been a low-key but lovely lazy day.  Tomorrow is a travel day, and we’ll be in China for a few days, so it will be next week before I can update you again.