August 10


The group arrived at the China Hotel in Guangzhou shortly after 5PM. They
were supposed to have arrived at 4pm, so there was not enough time to check
in. After only a 10 minute break we were bused off to the government
adoption office. Within minutes of arriving, we were handed our daughters.
They called each baby's name and the happy family took their daughter.
There appeared to be good strong lungs on some of the babies, while others
happily smiled.

Again, within minutes, we were taken back to the hotel by bus. It was past
dinner time, and by the time the families got checked in and settled into
their rooms, the work of looking after their new daughters had begun. Most
of the families either ordered room service, or ran to a nearby 7-11 store
for instant noodles for dinner -- too excited, tired, and happy to do much