August 11


Today we met for breakfast in the hotel and then went to the Chinese
government agencies to finalize the adoption papers. We spent the whole
morning there, went from one office to another, and got most of it done.
There we had a chance to meet Mrs. Yu, the director of the Yangchun facility
that had been taking care of our babies until now. She was very nice and
eager to meet the families and seemed quite happy that the girls were going
to good homes. We went back to the hotel at noon and at 4PM we went out
again, this time to the Chinese immigration office to register for the
babies' Chinese passports. At around 5PM we received our adoption
certificates from the Chinese government and we are now the official
adoptive parents!! The only thing left to do in Guangzhou now is to wait
for the babies Chinese passports. That evening the group went out to dinner
at a restaurant that serves north-eastern Manchurian style food to

The babies seem to be doing well, still. A little more fussy, probably as
they realize that this change is permanent. Considering almost all of the
group are first time parents, we are faring quite well and making do.