August 12


Today was ladies day in Guangzhou!!! We went SHOPPING!!!! And it was a
baby's wear store, too. Most of the families were picking up some chinese
baby essentials and others enjoyed the clothing and shoes (Brenda bought 6

We are finished with all the paperwork for the Chinese government and are
essentially waiting on our daughters' Chinese passports, which we are to
receive Friday morning. Then we will fly to Beijing on Friday to begin
satisfying the Canadian government.

The babies continue to improve, almost by the hour. There are a few coughs
and one little one is struggling with constipation but it's hoped that
tomorrow will show improvement as well. We are all quite tired and as
Martha Maslen of Children's Bridge warned, we are finding out that it really
does take much longer to get ready as a family of three (or four for some of

It was pouring rain and 35 degrees at dinner hour so we decided to have our
group dinner in one of the hotel restaurants. The food was good and we
didn't have to venture outside.

It's been consistently 35-36 degrees and very humid since we arrived.