August 13


Today we visited the famous Chan's School, used to be called the Chan's
Family Temple. It is an ancient Chinese compound completed in 1894, used as
a memorial for the Chan's ancestors, a school, as well as a temporary stay
over for the Chan's family member while visiting the town. Its magnificent
architecture and details reflects the traditional arts and crafts of the
era. The place is now a museum as well as a tourist attraction. There were
items for sale, but they were out of our budget range, so our time was spent
looking, not buying. The site was beautiful with many carvings forming the
buildings and rooms too numerous to mention. The ladies spent their time
wondering what it would have been like to live in a place as beautiful as this, complete
with someone to carry you from room to room, feed you, wash your feet,

The afternoon found many of the families indulging in shopping again. We
first ventured to The Friendship Store, which turned out not to be so
friendly. It was very very expensive, so our visit was very short. We went
straight from there to a more local shopping area, where we did more baby

Dinner was at a restaurant called South Fishing Village. The food was good
and the atmosphere was friendly as always. Our group is getting along well
by helping each other out when needed.

The babies are doing fine. The little one struggling with constipation
continues to have some troubles, but is better overall. Another of the
little ones experienced some stomach upset this afternoon, so we'll keep
track of her. The other babies are generally well and starting to adjust to
their new daily routine (actually the mommies and daddies are learning to
adjust to the babies' routine).