August 14


Today we group visited Dr. Sun Yat Sen's Memorial Hall, another famous
tourist attraction in Guangzhou. Dr. Sun, a medical doctor, led the 1911
Revolution in China that overthrew the emporer-ruled Ching Dynasty and gave
birth to the Republic of China. He is regarded as the Father of China. The
gardens were beautiful and for those of us who can read Chinese, the
writings of the Doctor were very interesting. After that, we visited a
local park for a short time. It was very hot and humid and none of us were
able to stay outside too long.

Tomorrow we are off to Beijing in the afternoon. We are beginning the
second half of this journey. We will work to satisfy the Canadian
government, with medical exams, etc.

One of our babies gave us a scare today. She was taken to the local
hospital, diagnosed with a viral infection and given antibiotics. It's
hoped that with lots of love and care, she'll recover quickly. The other
babies continue to amaze their new parents, babbling as babies do, playing
more, and interacting with their parents more. It really is delightful for
everyone to witness.

A group of us went for a traditional Chinese banquet style dinner tonight.
After some "negotiating" about what should be included in the published
meal, we sat and had a wonderful feast.

Next posting will be from Beijing.