August 15


We left Guongzhou for Beijing today. Unfortunately only six of the seven
families made the trip. One of our families has experienced a health
problem with their baby and will stay behind in Guangzhou until they have
resolved the situation with the CCAA. As a result, Yen and Tina Lo will not
continue with our group to make the rest of the journey on schedule. We
will continue to keep in touch with them and will post updates with regards
to their travel plans as soon as we know them. Our thoughts, prayers and
love go out to them during this difficult time.

Our day was very long. We were flying out of Guangzhou at 5:20pm, but there
was a bad lightning storm that resulted in us sitting on the tarmac for one
full hour, sweating in the plane before takeoff. Most of the babies did
remarkably well, given the circumstances. China Southern Airlines was
excellent for dealing with our babies. They made extra room between our
seats for the infants and also provided full baby meals.

By the time we arrived at the Jinglun Hotel in Beijing it was after 10pm, so
we all just retired for the night.