August 16


We spent the first part of the morning filling out Canadian immigration
forms for the babies to get them Canadian Visas, and then we went to a
nearby photo shop to have their ID photos taken. That part took major
effort and several hours because the babies understandably wouldn't sit
still and pose for the camera. After that struggle was over, the afternoon
was spent catching up on sleep because many of us were kept up most of the
night by our lovely little ones.

The babies are doing quite well really, considering what a short time
they've had to adjust to us. It's funny to watch this group of professional
adults jump with joy and celebrate when a baby finally "poops" after a
couple of dry days!! Oh, if our friends could see us now!!

We went out for a nice group dinner in a nearby restaurant to try some "Silk
Road" cuisine. The babies had a ball playing with each other and the
private room we were eating in was equipped with a sofa and a coffee table
so there was some space for them to have some fun, instead of being confined
to highchairs.

We have now heard word from Guangzhou that Yen and Tina continue to
experience some health difficulties with their daughter. Children's Bridge
is providing them with support during this time and they are going through a
very tough time. Our group feels incomplete without our group leaders so we
hope they will be OK.