August 18


Today we took the babies to an International medical clinic for physical
check-up's for their Canadian visa applications. That took up most of the
morning. We had the good fortune to run into the other Children's Bridge
groups at the clinic so although things were chaotic, the time was passed
having fun and sharing stories. At the end all the babies received good
report cards. Most of them suffer some minor development delays (as
expected for adopted children) but were otherwise give a clean bill of
health. After that we had to go back to have the photo shop to have the
babies pictures taken again - the previous photos were taken with blue
backgrounds but the Canadian Embassy requires white background. As if the
first time around wasn't bad enough, we had to pose our darling daughters
again, holding them up kicking and screaming where necessary, and then
watching while shop staff tried to colour adjust the photos to make the
background really white. By the time we left the shop, most of the babies
and parents were seeing red, not white.

The afternoon was free time for all. Some of us went bargain hunting at the
nearby open market and many of us visited the famous Wangfujing open market.
It is a huge shopping area with many large department stores, but also
hundreds of little stalls, many of them selling every type of meat
imaginable (and some unimaginable) on a stick.

No group dinner tonight, since most of us were just too tired out. We seem
to be constantly tired and still strangely excited by bodily movements!