August 20


Today was a rest-up-before-going-home-day, so no organized event was
scheduled. A number of us, however, made it to places such as the
Tian'anmen Square, the Forbidden City, and yes - the Silk Alley for more
shopping. It was sunny and quite hot in Beijing today so it was a very warm
day for sightseeing.

Tonight we went to a nearby Szechuan style restaurant for the last group
dinner of the trip. Tomorrow we will check out of the hotel rooms at
12:30PM and will be boarding a flight to head home at around 5PM. We will
bid John and Eileen and Emi farewell when we reach Vancouver since they live
there, and will continue home to Toronto. We should arrive in Toronto
airport at 9:51pm.

Our babies are really flourishing. Each day brings a new facial expression
or a smile or news that someone finally ate something new or "pooped".
We've really had some milestones to celebrate together. It looks as though
most of the babies will be walking soon so we'd better hurry home and get
the baby-proofing done.

It looks like Yen & Tina will have a better day tomorrow, also. Their
unfortunate situation is resolving and they will be keeping us posted on
their progress. Their schedule has been delayed by a week or so, so they
will not be heading home with the rest of us.