March 4


"After a 16 hour non-stop flight over the North Pole we finally arrived in
Hong Kong. When we landed it was just after 2PM local time, which is 1AM
Toronto time. Emily had about 4 hours of sleep on the plane, while Brenda and
Danny had maybe an hour each. Needless to say we were all exhausted when we arrived in Hong Kong.

It was around 12 to 14 degrees Celsius in Hong Kong, which in the local standard is frigidly
cold. The locals are all bundled up in thick layers. Considering that the buildings here are not heated it does feel cold after
being in such temperatures all day long.

Danny's nephew Poi Hei was kind enough to meet us at the airport and hired a
mini van to bring us to the hotel. After a short break we took a taxi to
his apartment and had a nice dinner with his family. Emily was smart enough
to greet Danny's first cousin, who is now 80 years old, in Chinese and that
made him the happiest man in the world!

We did an "eat 'n' run" and made our way back to the hotel before 9PM. After 
some short movie time on a portable DVD player for Emily to wind down we
basically collapsed into bed.... "