March 13


Well, today was the BIG DAY!!! In unconventional style, we received Stephanie.

We started the day by enjoying a dim sum/noodle breakfast with Ms. Chen, two orphanage assistants, and Ms. Yu who had just returned from Guangzhou.

After breakfast, we went upstairs to fetch our luggage and Ms. Yu went to the orphanage to get Stephanie. She came back about 15 minutes later and imagine our surprise when they stepped out of the van and Stephanie was dressed up in a beautiful new Chinese outfit. Ms. Yu bought it for her as a gift, and she also bought a beautiful yellow and black outfit for Emily.
She really is thoughtful and cares a lot for "her girls".

We bid goodbye to Ms. Chen and Yangchun and rode to Guangzhou in a microvan.
The trip took just over 3 hours and both girls were really good in the van.
Both Emily and Stephanie took long naps and neither fussed much. It was a really good trip.

As we came into Guangzhou area, we could tell we were almost here by the incredible traffic and the even more incredible aggressive driving style.
It's something you don't forget.

When we finally got into our suite at the White Swan Hotel, we were relieved and tired. It's beautiful and a huge step up from the last couple of places we've stayed. There are even two bathrooms in here.

Daddy and his girls had some fun playing on the couch, and Daddy got suckered into carrying them both around for a while, too. All in all, we've had a wonderful day.

Stephanie seems very good natured. She sat on the floor and played with some of Emily's toys. Emily was a really really good girl and shared some toys with Stephanie. They are cohabiting peacefully so far and that's really all we can ask for at this early stage.

When we peeled the layers off Stephanie (there were a few under the outfit) she isn't nearly as big as we first thought. On the other hand, she has meaty legs like sausages. She's not terribly tall, though. She has lovely hair as you'll see in the photos and a big round face!!

Enjoy the photos...