March 15


Well, today was a day of rest and relaxation for at least two members of the Fung Four! We started our day off slowly, not waking up until 8am, so we had to hurry a little to make it to breakfast. Two showers and two baths actually take quite a long time, especially when the little one screams the whole time!

After breakfast, we went to find the Swan Room. This is a playroom that is funded jointly by Mattel and the White Swan. It's full of toys and the kids can just enjoy some play time. As you can see in the photos, both girls enjoyed themselves.

We had planned to go out in the afternoon, but once again, life changed our schedule. The girls decided that instead of napping at the same time, they would take turns...the little one first, then Emily. By the time both Emily and Stephanie had taken their naps it was almost dinner time and we hadn't been out at all! Oh, well. We decided to go for a walk around Shamian Island (the part of Guangzhou where the White Swan is located) and get some air. We found a restaurant that looked fairly kid-friendly and had a nice sit down dinner. This was the first time in a couple of days we haven't ended up with takeout in our room.

Stephanie sure can eat!! We're beginning to think that she actually doesn't know when to stop, so we're taking care to feed her enough but not let her make herself sick. She eats rice, meat, tofu, everything but veggies.
She's a much better eater than Emily. Emily enjoyed some seafood noodles, but then got bent out of shape when a waitress spent too much time fussing over her. She kept asking us to have the waitress go away and leave her alone and, eventually, we gave up and left.

Most of the day was very low key and relaxing. Stephanie seems to be really coming out of her shell and Emily has been incredibly good and gentle with her. When Stephanie screams at bath or change time, Emily will pat her head and say, "That's OK." It's really cute.