March 16


Today was another calm and relaxed day. We decided to walk the whole perimeter of the Shamian Island and see the sites, other than just the White Swan and its vicinity.

The island is really very beautiful. Unfortunately, many of the old colonial-style buildings have been allowed do disintegrate and crumble.
Many have been turned into multiple unit apartment buildings. There are plaques on the front of the glorious old buildings telling what they used to be. We found ourselves feeling quite sorry that someone wealthy hasn't bought up the property and renovated the buildings. With the tropical climate and beautiful river views, this island has tremendous potential.

Meanwhile, both girls enjoyed being outside in the fresh air. Stephanie still has a cold, so she's a bit cranky, but otherwise fine. Emily has been pretty good, with moments of naughtiness (quite a few actually). She doesn't seem to mind Stephanie so much, but I think that hotel living has just worn out it's welcome in her little life. She needs a more structured routine and we aren't sticking to her normal sleeping schedule enough.

Stephanie continues to test her limits too. She is now cruising around the coffee table, with just one hand touching, and seems to get stronger and more confident with every hour, let alone day. She continues to out-eat almost the whole family, with no end in sight. She gets really angry when her bottle is empty, not seeming to care that it was she that emptied it.
Emily, on the other hand, continues to eat like a little bird.