March 17


Today was uneventful and eventful all at the same time. We didn't really do much except for some shopping, but Stephanie decided to put her new found confidence to the test and took a couple of steps on her own! We knew it was coming, since she's been getting more and more daring each day, but it's still fun to watch!! You can see the angle she was on and guess the outcome but it didn't deter her at all; she kept trying. By the time we get home she'll be running a marathon!

Shopping was fun, too. There aren't too many two-child families in China, let alone ones with white mommies, so we make quite the spectacle when we venture away from the tourist areas. People often stop to stare or ask questions.
I don't mind it, but Emily gets really bothered by it. Danny carried Stephanie in her carrier, and I carried Emily in her hip carrier and we had a good time of it. We even managed to buy some food from the street vendors and eat it while carrying the kids.

Tonight's dinner was really good. Stephanie was sleeping in the stroller, and Emily decided she was actually hungry so we found a restaurant close to here and had a good meal. Guess what Emily's new favourite food is--if you guessed pigeon, you're correct!! We first ordered just one, along with other items, but she polished that off in a big hurry so we had to order another! She was really funny...."More pigeon mommy, more bird meat." For a kid who doesn't usually eat anything resembling meat, she ate a lot.

Both kids went to bed at a reasonable time tonight and we're hopeful that we'll all get a good night's sleep. It was hot and muggy here today so both girls are tired and in need of rest. The humidity was 94% and the temperature was 23 degrees.