March 18


Today was our last day in Guangzhou. Tomorrow we fly, first thing in the morning, to Beijing. This was perhaps Emily's favourite day so far in our trip. We found a park that had children's playground toys. She was so happy to run around, go on the curly slide, play on the monkey bars and play with other kids. It was really great to see her smiling so much and running around with other kids her age.

After we let her play for a couple of hours she was really tired and took a nap for over three hours this afternoon!!! Stephanie has been cruising around the room today, too. Daddy is definitely her favourite person in the world right now. She loves to sit on daddy's lap and fall asleep. She sucks her thumb and this is obviously not a new obsession since her right thumb is actually callused from it. Probably hurts now that she has teeth, too!!!

Dinner was good again today. We asked Emily if she wanted pigeon again tonight and she practically jumped up saying yes, so off we went. The waiters and waitresses enjoyed fussing over both our girls again tonight and Emily didn't let us down. She ate at least one whole pigeon if not a little more. She was really good.

The little one still screams every time we change her diaper or give her a bath. She's very happy most of the time but absolutely screams at us when we do either of these. It makes for noisy times. She's also becoming quickly spoiled, especially by daddy, and she knows how to turn on the sucky routine to get daddy to pick her up.

This afternoon, Stephanie's Chinese passport and Notarial Certificates were delivered and it's now official; we can leave to start the Canadian part of the process. As you can see in the photo, Stephanie was very excited to get her passport.

We've enjoyed the White Swan Hotel immensely. The view is beautiful, since we're up on the 26th floor in a suite. Shamian Island is lovely too, allowing us ample opportunity to walk around without doing formal touring.

Our next post will be from Beijing!!