March 5


The hotel room is very nice, and it has a great view of the city.
Unfortunately, we couldn't really enjoy it first thing in the morning since
Emily woke us up when it was still dark - at 3AM - and refused to go back to
sleep. Needless to say the morning was a write-off!

We took a long subway ride to meet one of Danny's uncles and two of his
cousins for lunch. There are two more cousins from that family but
unfortunately they had to work, even on a Saturday.

Emily was fascinated by the fish and turtle pond in the middle of the
shopping mall and as long as we were trying to eat, she kept asking for
turtles. Somehow we managed to get out of the giant mall without buying
much of anything!

After Emily had an afternoon nap, we went to a banquet place when we hosted
a dinner gathering for about fifty of Danny's relatives to meet Emily. Did
she ever turn on her charm!!! Everybody who met her was amazed by how smart
she is!!! No matter how tired Emily is, she seems to know when to show off
for the group. The older people just love her!