March 6


Today, we went to Lantau Island. It's one of Hong Kong's most beautiful islands and it has very diverse uses. The Hong Kong international airport is on one side of the island and the other side boasts one of the largest Buddha's in the world.
We took a ferry boat to the island, and then took a bus ride back. It was the most frightening bus ride you can imagine. They actually have a single lane road, serving two directions of traffic. They have built in some "passing areas". The buses and taxis pass each other on the winding mountain road, with just inches to spare and without slowing down much.

The Buddha statue is at the top of a very, very long set of stairs. Believe it or not Emily made it up all the steps and back down, just holding hands with her uncle Pok Hei. He is her favourite relative she's met so far.

We went into the Buddhist monk's vegetarian restaurant and had a set meal of vegetarian dishes, did some incense burning for blessing and looked around.
It was gloriously beautiful up there.

We followed up with a quick noodle meal in the IFC (International Financial
Centre) building, one of two of the tallest buildings in Hong Kong (and that's TALL).

We enjoyed a terrific day and the weather ended up being really warm, about
19 degrees and sunny.