March 9


Today was our last full day in Hong Kong. We started our day by having dim sum with another of Danny's uncle's. It was nice, but Emily wasn't at her best.

After that, we took one of Hong Kong's famous old trams in the city. The line is very old, and the cars are very narrow. It's also very cheap at just $2 HK or about $0.30 CDN.

We went out again in the afternoon, taking our time getting down into the city on a bus. Emily is becoming a really experienced transit rider and she loves to put mommy's electronic transit pass on the "beeper". We spent considerable time touring around, letting Emily roam free a bit, seeing many fountains and parks.

The photo with the largest lion in it is of the famous HSBC lion.
There is a history to this lion that is fascinating. Emily wasn't as excited by it as we might have hoped.

Again, we took the escalators up to the hotel. This is Emily's favourite new pastime.

Tonight we enjoyed lobsters, fish, chicken and duck at Danny's cousin's house. They live in an apartment with a view of the harbour that is just breathtaking.

Tomorrow we are taking the bus into China and staying in smaller towns for the next three days so we may not post. At the very least, you can expect us to post on March 13th, when we arrive at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou.
Then, on the 14th, we get Stephanie!!!