March 11


Today is our second day in Jiujiang and it's still really warm and muggy, but apparently it's going to cool down a lot tonight. They're talking as though it's going to snow, but in reality, I think it's going down to 12 or
13 degrees. Normally that would seem balmy for Torontonians in March, but since buildings and cars are not heated here, it actually feels very cold.

What a day of shopping I had!!! We decided in advance that rather than a token gift from Canada for the orphanage, we wanted to spend about $500 CDN and buy Chinese clothing, towels, etc., to donate. Well, to say that I power-shopped doesn't quite do it justice! I bought about 50 towels, 6 big fleecy blankets, and about 200 2-piece outfits, as well as about 20 pairs of socks!!! The stuff was dirt cheap and really nice. Danny's cousin's wife took me to a wholesaler to buy and, believe it or not, I actually had trouble spending it all. In the end, we had 3 huge cartons of stuff to donate.

While I was shopping, Danny took Emily and her favourite cousin to our family home in Jiujiang (see photo). Think really really tiny, really really out of this world!! It's like something from the movies, with no indoor plumbing, and just one thin wire bringing electricity in from outside.

The afternoon was spent at the scenic Mount Xiqiao. We didn't pay the fees to go in because the humidity was so high you couldn't see anything anyway, but we did have a chance to walk around. Also, the area is famous for these cakes/scones that have a thin layer of coconut spread in between. They're historic and famous and FABULOUS!!! It's probably just as well we couldn't stay longer.

We enjoyed a big dinner again, hosted by one of Danny's relatives. We ate a suckling pig, stuffed fish, fish heads in a stew pot, and tons of other dishes!! The food here has been plentiful, delicious, and cheap!

Tomorrow, we're going to Yangchun -- birth city of both our girls.