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Ok, so the day after Christmas is always a bit of a letdown, right?  Well, when you can shop and eat out on Christmas day, the day after just feels like any other day.

We got a late start today.  Partly, because Stephanie had a horrible night last night, with multiple night terrors that had her and I awake.  Also, just because we were all feeling kind of lazy.

We wanted to take the ferry again, and while Danny suggested a sight-seeing tour of the harbor, I didn’t figure the girls were up to it, so instead we took the ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui, and shopped.  Oh yes, girly shopping.  Emily was once again on a mission.  The goal this time—sparkly party boots like the fashionable girls here in Hong Kong wear.  Yikes, she’s 6!

Actually, we really lucked out there, because there was an entire level of a shopping mall dedicated to spoiled designer kids.  Every major brand was represented, and these are no fakes, so the prices were wild!!  Needless to say, that doesn’t stop Emily, or even slow her down.

We had been in about half the shops when the little one (Stephanie-I’m-always-hungry-for-a-treat) announced she needed fed.  We happened upon a crepe shop, so the girls and Danny had dessert crepes.  Emily and Danny stuck with strawberry, banana chocolate, while of course Stephanie had to have the strawberry, banana, chocolate brownie one!  They made short work of the treats, and we headed further into the mall on our quest for sparkly, high party boots.

We finally found a store (a really expensive store) with lots of different sparkly, high party boots, and the girls both found something they like.  We left the store with both girls smiling and me shaking my head at what I’d just spent on little girls’ boots!  Please, if you’re out there, when we get home, admire them even if you hate them, just to make me feel better about the purchase!!

We took the ferry back to this side of the island, and came back up the hotel to drop off our purchases (wouldn’t want to lose those ridiculously expensive, and slightly hideous, sparkly party boots, would we???). 

We had made arrangements to host Danny’s fifth aunt for dinner tonight.  She’s often left wanting attention when we see her, along with other relatives, so tonight it was just our family and her.  We went back to the terrific hotpot place in MongKok and had a great meal.  The girls weren’t exactly angelic, since they were tired and had had enough, but it wasn’t too bad.  In the subway station, I bribed them beforehand with Mrs Fields’ chocolate chip cookies (yes, they have everything here!) so they ate more cookies than other food, but that’s ok with me. 

We took the subway back to the hotel, and called it a night, but not until Emily and Stephanie had put their respective sparkly, high party boots on, and danced around the hotel room to the tunes from High School Musical 3.  We really should shoot more videos….we could either end up wealthy, or at the very least use them for bribery later in life!