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Today we had to start earlier.  We were meeting Dannyís uncle over in Tseung Kwan O for dim sum, and thatís a fairly long subway ride, so we had to haul the kids out of bed very early.  If you know anything about my kids, you know thatís not good for one of them!!

The good thing is that the dim sum restaurant is located in a fairly nice suburban shopping mall that weíve visited before.  The kids immediately recognized that this was the mall with the turtles.  We were a bit afraid that the turtle pond might not be there any more, since it has been two years since we were last here, but we were not disappointed!!  Turtles and goldfish, oh my!

Dim sum wasnít actually much fun at all, to be honest.  Dannyís elderly uncle seemed really pleased to see us, but his daughter and son were smack in the middle of some family drama, and chose to share it with us.  It was embarrassing and annoying at the same time.  Geez, keep your dirty laundry at home.  Fortunately, the food was good, the kids not so much, and Dannyís number five aunt joined us for dim sum too.  She was actually spoon feeding Stephanie at one point.  Not sure how Stephanie does it but she seems to fairly regularly convince people (including me before) to feed her.  Spoiled brat!

After tea we shopped around a bit.  The kids wanted to see the Bolt dog, as an advertisement for the movie that has just opened, so we did that.  They also wanted to take some photos at the Christmas display.  Emily, who has always been a bit of a camera ham, has really become quite expert at ďstriking a poseĒ whenever she senses a photo op!! 

In the other photo youíll notice our other purchaseÖ.yes, we had to buy another suitcase.  I choose to blame it on all the little gifts the girls got for Christmas.  Danny chooses to blame myself indulgence in the Coach store, and M&S.  Whatever, we got a new suitcase!  And the price was right, because itís still boxing day sales time.  Although that takes on a different meaning in a city where stores remain open and frighteningly busy on Christmas day!!

We headed back into the city before dinner time, and we were happy to have found a very good hotpot place that we frequented in 2006 when we were here.  We havenít been able to find it because the sign was obscured by some construction.  Danny had gone out for a late night walk last night, and noticed the sign, so we went there for dinner tonight.  Very definitely still the absolute best hotpot restaurant Iíve ever been to.  Worth the wait, for sure.  Iím hopeful we can find one other opportunity to come back before we have to leave on the 31st.

After filling our bellies, we headed back to the hotel and called it a night, after the kids had some time with their DVRís.