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So, you got party boots, you gotta go somewhere!

We got up today and had a slow, easy start.  The girls are getting spoiled—every evening we go to the bakery and buy fresh hotdog buns for them so that when they get up we have juice and fresh pastries.  Hopefully they know better than to expect that when we get home, but I digress.

The girls have been seeing signs for the release of the new movie Tales of Desperadeaux and it opened Christmas day.  So, we figured we’d let them see it today.  We headed over to Pacific Place shopping mall, where the theatre is located, and bought some tickets.  Unfortunately, the next showing we could get tickets for wasn’t until 4:05pm so we had some hours to kill.  Fortunately, we were in one of Hong Kong’s fanciest shopping malls, so we found something to do!  We looked around for a while, but really just window shopped.  (Note to the ladies in the audience, shopping with your husband and two kids, NOT GOOD!) We had decided that only Danny and the girls were going to go to the movie, because I wanted to shop alone. 

The girls ran out of shopping steam too early, and long before it was 4:05pm, so we happened upon an American-style restaurant called Dan Ryan’s.  It was a lot like a Montana’s place.  We ordered a sampler of appetizers since none of us was actually very hungry.  We mostly needed a place to sit and rest, and some cold drinks.  This place served both purposes.  Actually the food was quite good, the portions in fact were American size as advertised, and we had a good break. 

Then it was time for the girls and Danny to go to the movie.  I left them off and headed for some real mommy time!!  AKA….the Coach Store and Marks and Spencers!  I bought two lovely new handbags at Coach, including one that isn’t supposed to be sold until January.  Then, I bought myself some new things at M&S too. 

Since I was still in the mood to shop, and hadn’t heard from Danny and the girls, I headed over to one of the cheap market streets, Li Yuen Street East.  This is one of the areas where fakes, and just generally cheap quality goods, abound.  I actually found some cute, very Hong Kong outfits for the girls to go with their party boots, and I bought myself a very pretty (but low quality) Chinese blouse, too.  Spent very little there, but had some fun in the hustle and bustle.

By the time I was done there, Danny and the girls were looking for me so we could get some dinner.  They had headed back up to the hotel after the movie and by the time I got there they weren’t going to budge to go out to eat.

I asked them what they wanted, and you guessed it—pizza in the room.  “Come on mommy, just order pizza again, you know how.”  Neither Danny nor I wanted pizza, but fortunately Hong Kong is the food delivery capital of the universe, so we had about a zillion other options.  Check out some time.  Unbelievable, easy, cheap, and delicious.  In the end, he decided on some pasta from the pizza place and I had some fabulous Vietnamese again, so everybody was happy.  You can see by the girls’ expressions that the pizza was a hit again, too.

We called it a night.  The kids were happy with the movie, although Stephanie only understood about half the story line, and was afraid of quite a lot of it.  I was happy (and still am) with my new purchases and Danny won’t get to see the bill until we’re home!