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Travel, travel, and more travel. If I ever try to tell anyone that the trip from Toronto to Hong Kong with two little kids was anything less than hellish, tell me I’m full of it!!! It was an extremely difficult way to spend 17 hours. The kids actually did remarkably well considering, but it was still tough. I think Emily slept about two and a half hours and Stephanie maybe three hours total. Danny and his mom had maybe a couple of hours each, and I had virtually none.

We finally got off the plane on Saturday afternoon at 2:30PM local time (that was 1:30AM in Toronto). Danny’s nephew Pok Hei kindly met us at the airport and escorted us to the hotel in a hired van, while Danny’s mom was received by her two sisters – one lives here and one travelled in from Boston a few weeks prior – and headed to their apartment. We politely declined their dinner offer -we were long overdue for some downtime.

We got takeout food for dinner, after a quick trip to the grocery store for essentials (bottled water, snacks, and beer) and tried to sleep. Unfortunately, jetlag interfered with our plans, and we were all still wide awake at 3AM.

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