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Today has been what vacations should be: relaxing, enjoyable and slow-paced. In fact, we started out at the breakfast buffet again. Emily has made a new friend. Bob is a 40-something man, from New York, who is in China adopting a baby. For reasons not entirely clear, Emily has decided he’s her new best friend. We started having a conversation with them yesterday and she’s latched onto him. This morning, she wanted to sit at the next table so she and Bob could talk. Bob even stayed behind after his wife, Jackie, and baby, Leah, left so he could talk to Emily more. Too funny!

After breakfast, we had a brief meeting with one of Emily’s teachers’ brothers here in GuangZhou. She had asked us to bring some things to him, so we invited him to tea at the hotel. It was fun for the kids to meet him.

The girls are starting to show signs of being tired of travel. This afternoon started out very slowly, with both girls enjoying movies on their DVR’s. They did that for about 2 hours, while I slept. I’m getting a cold, so an afternoon nap wasn’t optional.

Then we went to Number 9 Street for some shopping. Or that was the plan. We got there, and started shopping, and shortly thereafter, Emily asked to be carried. This is no small feat in itself, given that she’s about 37lbs, but it also usually is a sign that she wants to fall asleep while being carried. This was no exception, so Danny ended up carrying a 37lb dead weight while we tried to shop. It wasn’t too long after that that Stephanie’s head was on my shoulder, and she was also asleep, so shopping was cut short, and we hailed a taxi and headed back.

Dinner was at Food Street again, since both kids were kind of ratty. We had originally planned to head to Shamian Island for the pigeon restaurant we liked so much last year, but decided against traveling. We did have pigeon at the restaurant, though, as you can see in the photo. Emily still enjoys “bird meat” and both Danny and I really like it, so dinner was good. The girls are the life of the party in every restaurant we go to, so we’ll not be soon forgotten.

Tomorrow is another travel day. Our last until the trip home. We are taking the train back to Hong Kong for the last leg of our journey.

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