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Sunday started really, really, really early. Like 3AM early! Stephanie was running around the hotel room like a child possessed and Emily was upset at being awake before it was light outside.

We had agreed to meet Pok Hei and his family, so we took the girls out to visit them at their North Point harbour-view apartment in the morning and then headed out with them for dim sum. It was really nice seeing everyone again, after 18 months away, and the girls did quite well. The food was nice, and we didn’t stay too long. We came back to the hotel to try and get the girls to nap. We were somewhat successful, but by the time they slept (and I did) it was getting close to dinner time and we’d committed to going for hot pot with the whole family.

Emily is enjoying riding in taxis again this trip, so we told her we would take a taxi to dinner. We went to Little Lamb hot pot, specializing in….you guessed it, LAMB! The food was very good, but neither Danny nor I got much. Emily fell asleep before the food arrived and slept on my lap the whole time. Stephanie, on the other hand, started out cranky and got progressively worse as the meal went on. We ate as quickly as hot pot allowed, and got out. Danny didn’t even have a chance to get his camera out of the holster to take some pictures. A short taxi ride had us back at the hotel very quickly, but we knew we were in for trouble since Emily had basically been asleep since 5PM. Sure enough, we all went to sleep, and Emily was awake at midnight. I managed to convince her to sleep a little longer, so she made it to 2AM, then she was up at 3AM for good. Danny kindly spent the next hours with her in the living room, which allowed me to sleep with Stephanie, who was still sawing logs, from 5-8AM and it felt like heaven.

Meanwhile Danny’s Mom and her two sisters and two nieces went to Macau – a nearby casino city just over an hour away by high-speed ferry – for a one-day tour. We haven’t met up with them yet since parting at the airport.

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