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You know how sometimes you have plans for one thing, and it doesn’t happen, so you do something else…and then the something else turns out even better than the original plan? That was our day today.

We woke up planning to head to Ocean Park this afternoon. We went down into the city this morning for a short time and then decided it was getting too hot for Ocean Park. The deal was sealed when we came back to the hotel and both girls fell fast asleep for hours. It got to be too late for Ocean Park, so we went with plan B.

Plan B was to go to the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden and it was fantastic. It’s located close to where we’re staying and the girls loved it. You can see photos of the orangutans, monkeys, and birds we got to see. We also saw the tiniest hoofed mammal in the world, called a Mouse Deer. You can see his photo. His legs were like tiny toothpicks. The girls loved the park. There was also a jaguar but we didn’t see him, because he was hiding in his cave.

The park was lush and green and full of palm trees, so it was cool and relaxing. At the edge of the beautiful park there was a huge kids playground. The girls were in heaven playing on the swings and the slides and running around. It was exactly what they needed after days of shopping and visiting family. You can see the smiles it generated.

We went back to the Little Lamb hotpot restaurant for dinner and had a great meal. The girls were really good, because they had had good naps and some fun outdoor play. You can see that we indulged in lots of food and a couple of very large bottles of TsingTao beer (Danny and I, not the kids). Little Lamb specializes in Mongolian tastes. Check out the number of cloves of garlic in the soup pot. By the time we were done, they were mostly gone.

We took a taxi back to the hotel and even that was fun. The driver had an Elton John CD playing and Stephanie was singing along. It was very funny and the driver was laughing as he drove.

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