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Today got off to an early start for Emily and Danny. Emily decided to wake up at 4AM so Danny had to get up and entertain her. Since Stephanie decided to sleep, I kept her company until, say, 8AM. We had nothing planned for today, though, so it was a nice easy start. Each day we buy fresh baked Chinese buns for breakfast, and we have lots of juice and milk here in the room fridge. Itís not fancy, but it makes the morning less hectic than trying to get everyone up and out for food.

Danny made the mistake of asking me what I wanted to do today, so we planned a shopping outing. The first trip didnít result in much, since Stephanie decided to puke all over herself in the restaurant we stopped at for lunch. Not clear to us what that was about, but needless to say it was a big mess, so we came back to the hotel. After another shower, a clean set of clothes and a short nap, she was ready to go again, so we headed downtown, this time on the bus. The kids love the bus, itís cheap and it runs right from our hotel to downtown in about 5 minutes. The second trip was considerably more productive (translation: EXPENSIVE) than the first. I found a huge, lovely COACH store and put our credit card to good use! Colour me very happy! After that Emily decided she wanted to buy a Barbie to play with but we couldnít find one. We headed back up the worldís longest outdoor escalator to the hotel to drop off the huge bag of purchases from COACH and then turned on the laptop to look for a Barbie resource in Hong Kong. Luckily, ToysRUs is located here, so we planned another shopping outing. We headed out in a taxi this time, and found the store, where Emily and Stephanie each chose a Barbie.

Dinner was good today. The girls had agreed to stay awake (translation, I bribed them with their new Barbie dolls) so we all ate. This is the first real meal Emily has eaten since we got here, so it was very successful.

Oh, just before dinner, Stephanie had a little mishap. (Translation: she ran face first into the corner of a table and split the skin right next to her left eye.) It didnít require the hospital for a stitch (says Danny), although I thought it probably should have. If you notice a Band Aid or a bruise in photos, thatís what that is about.

Both girls were asleep in bed tonight before 8PM. Normally this would be good news, but I hope it doesnít mean theyíre both going to be up before dawn.

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