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Well, when you wake up to 23 degrees and sunshine, while your friends are freezing their asses off back home, what do you do in Hong Kong??  DISNEYLAND!  Thatís what.

So we did.

The Hong Kong subway includes a direct, dedicated train, complete with mouse-shaped windows that takes you right to the park.  You can even (if you know to) buy your tickets in advance at the subway station so you donít line up at the park.  Of course, I had researched this, so we bought them there!

When we got to the park, I would describe it as moderately busy.  Not too bad, for mid December, but busy enough to make it feel fun and exciting.  As soon as we entered the gates, the kids starting rhyming off which rides they wanted.

Funny sidebar for my frequent visitors....we had a discussion on the way there about strollers.  Youíll remember that even last year, I lied about Emilyís weight so that she could have a stroller.  And then she fell asleep in it and totally missed the parade.  Well, although Iím sure she would have liked a stroller, we agreed that at 66lbs and 7.5 years old, we were past that.  She reluctantly agreed.  Stephy, who never really cared for a stroller, didnít want one anyway.  So, for the first time, we were stroller free at Disney!

You can see by the photos that we did tons and tons of rides, and we all had a great time!!  Emilyís favourite was the race cars, which she went on more than once with Danny, in spite of the 30 minute wait time.  Stephyís favourite was either the Buzz Lightyear laser ride or the Flying Saucers this year.  Other favourites included the Tea Cup Ride, and the Princess Merry Go Round.  We did them all, then stopped for lunch.   Just in case some of you thought this looked exactly like DisneyWorld in Florida, I took photos of the menu at the snack bar.....youíre SOOOOO not in Kansas (or Orlando) any more!

We had great food, for way cheaper than anything you could buy in Florida too, and then we were fully re-charged for the afternoon.  We rode tons more rides, then got ready to watch the parade.  Me and Stephy scouted out a prime seat on the edge of the roadway at Main Street USA and Emily and Danny went to the Jungle House while we did. 

The parade was awesome!!!  Both kids were awake to enjoy it this year, and as always, Disney put on one hell of a good show.  Itís called Let It Snow, and it does.  Some funky soapy bubbles dispensed from the rooftops of the buildings along Main Street.  The parade is about 30 minutes long and full of all of the kidsí favourite Disney characters.  It was really well done again.

We stayed at the park until nearly 7pm, then headed back on the subway into the city.  We stopped at a restaurant near the escalator and actually had a terrific, delicious dinner.  We chose a set dinner with lamb in a hotpot, a whole steamed fish, fresh steamed shrimp, and a whole chicken, plus veggies and rice.  Topped off with red bean sweet soup dessert and some watermelon and we all left happy and full, but ready for our beds!  It was nearly 10pm when we got back up to the hotel, after walking all the way back up the escalator.  Everybody agreed a great, warm, sunny day, and we were all exhausted but happy!

Sorry about the constant reminders about the awesome weather here, Ďcause I know youíre suffering in cold and snow and ice......not actually! J

Calling for another sunny warm day tomorrow, and then we head into China on Saturday, where we should enjoy even slightly warmer temperatures!