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Today was our last day in Hong Kong for this visit.  It’s bittersweet writing that since we’ve had a very good vacation, but at the same time, I think we’re all ready for home.

We had a very relaxing last day, that’s for sure.  We were very lazy at getting up and out of the hotel.  We had already figured out that a new suitcase was in the cards for today, but if there was any doubt, we cemented the requirement by doing some last minute, cheap shopping.  The kids and I decided that some very cheap Chinese outfits would be fun to buy, so we headed down to Li Yuen Streets.   We found a vendor that wasn’t too annoying or aggressive and bought the girls more Chinese dresses and a couple of pretty jackets for me.  After that, I headed back to a little local shop that carries a huge assortment of leggings for the kids.  In spite of often paying as much at home, I’ve never found better quality leggings, and since Stephanie wears them every day (yes, even with a dress.....don’t ask....I’ve no idea where she gets her fashion sense!!!) I got quite a few pairs.

Ok, so now we DEFINITELY need a new suitcase.  There is actually a Samsonite store right in Central, and since we use suitcases a lot, we decided to buy real rather than “copy,” as they refer to fakes here. 

Before getting a suitcase, we had decided that lunch was to be dim sum on our last day.  Amazingly, I have avoided the McDonalds experience this entire trip.  We had pizza a couple of the early nights on this trip, but even that has disappeared into history.  The dim sum was really good!  The girls enjoy drawing together with Emily teaching Stephy all about “shading” and other drawing techniques.  It’s fun to watch.  Then they carry around the restaurant menu or whatever else they’ve drawn on until they either drop it, lose it, or I “accidentally” throw it out.  Too cute!!

By the time we carried the new suitcase back up the escalator (along with about 30 lbs of new purchases to put in it, yikes!!) we really didn’t have time to do much else this afternoon.  We did some packing, since tomorrow is departure day, and then the afternoon just seemed to have disappeared.

Tonight we had a funny dinner arrangement.  We were supposed to attend yet another big family dinner at a banquet hall for an elderly relative’s birthday.  Dinner wasn’t going to start until well after 8pm, and very likely after 9pm, so I had told Danny that the kids and I were going to pass.  While he wasn’t pleased, he agreed that it was too much for the kids, given the long, busy day ahead of us tomorrow.  Instead, the girls and I wanted to head to Little Sheep Hotpot.  It’s expensive but lovely and a really good final dinner in Hong Kong.  Danny decided that he’d join us for dinner and then go and have another dinner at the banquet. 

Dinner was terrific as it always is at Little Sheep.  We had lovely lamb meat, including some Mongolian ribs with awesome spices.  The kids really behaved well, since I had booked dinner nice and early, and they ate lots!  A very successful last meal.

Me, Emily and Stephanie hopped in a taxi, and Emily took great pride in being able to tell the driver where we needed to go in Chinese, and we got back home about 8pm.  Yay me!  For once I made the absolute right choice for the kids and I.  I did some final packing and got clothes and snacks arranged for tomorrow’s very long trip and we called it an early night.

Tomorrow, we rely on Air Canada to fly us home to Toronto.  The flight leaves here at 4:25 in the afternoon and by a miracle of flight and time zone differences, although we’re on the plane for over 15 hours, we get home at 6:05pm in Toronto the same day!