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We woke up to rain today, but the temperature is staying steady right around 21  or 22 degrees, so we’re in jackets to keep the rain off but it’s quite nice.

See the photo of the girls using the laptops?  We both brought our computers, and the hotel has free highspeed, so it’s all good.  Unfortunately, I taught the girls to play kids games on the internet, and now we spend all our time fighting for access to our laptops!!!

Today we were on a mission.  Find dresses for the flower girls for the wedding.   Yes, you read that correctly—dresses, as in plural.  Stephanie has again changed her mind and is now again saying she’s going to be a flower girl at the wedding.   So, now instead of finding one dress, we need two matching dresses, and of course shoes too!

Since the girls absolutely love riding the bus in Hong Kong, we took a bus out to Causeway Bay shopping area.  My hope was that we’d find a dress in one of the outdoor markets, rather than spending the money on the fancier shops, especially now that I was buying two.   We walked and walked and saw a couple of dresses, but none of the vendors had two the same in the sizes we needed.  We’d been out for a couple of hours when we decided to stop at a tea house for dim sum.  Initially, we heard the usual, “but I’m not hungry”, but in fact they both ate quite well.  We woke up just after 5:00am again this morning, so by lunchtime we’d been out wandering a long time.  Problem is that many businesses don’t open until 1:00pm, and then they stay open until 11:00pm, so we were too early for some of the market stalls.

After lunch, we walked around Causeway Bay some more, but didn’t find any dresses.  Since the kids were doing really well, and still seemed keen on shopping, we headed back to downtown to Li Yuen Street to see what we could find.

As you can see by the happy smiles, and rows and rows of very frilly fancy dresses, we were successful.  I say successful tongue in cheek though.  I saw these lovely, low-key, elegant pale pink satin dresses that I thought would be awesome.  Almost a pink version of what they wore to the summer wedding.  The guy didn’t have the sizes we needed, though, and Emily had her eyes on something else anyway.  Think PINK.  Think FRILLY.  Think BOLD.  Think FLASH.  THINK YOU’VE GOT A MENTAL IMAGE??  Scroll down.  Bet you didn’t see THAT coming!!!  Yes, frilly pink dresses, gawdy as hell, and paired fashionably (not) with sparkly pink shoes and a pretty (not) pink fake fur cape.  Oh yes, new fashion statement being made by my girls.  Yikes, did I seriously buy those????

Oh well, the girls are happy, and no one at the wedding will probably bat an eye as they’re very “Hong Kong” style. 

The kids were happy to come back to the hotel for a bit to try on our purchases, and model them for photos so that I could share with you, so there you go!

Nobody napped today, and we were all still awake at dinner time so I made an executive decision that we were heading to Little Sheep Hotpot, a favourite of mine.  The food was marvellous.  See the pot full of yumminess?  See all the garlic?  Oh yes, I ate lots of it!  We had fantastic lamb chops cooked in Mongolian spices, as well as all the lovely meats and veggies cooked in the soup.  Both girls ate quite well, and then it started.  First, Stephy collapsed in the booth.  She had a full tummy, and we had done tons of walking today, and it caught up with her.  Then Emily, not to be outdone, decided to lie down and rest too.  Gave Danny and I a chance to actually finish eating for a change, and it wasn’t fast food delivery for the first time since we arrived, so it was really nice. 

Afterwards, we hopped a taxi, with two sleeping kids, and came back up to the hotel, where the girls were in bed and sleeping within minutes of arriving home.