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Today we woke up in virtual paradise compared to the past few days!  We are at the 5-Star hotel called the White Swan in Guangzhou China.  It caters primarily to American families adopting their new babies and we stayed here in 2005 when we received Stephanie.

The place is crawling (get it?) with babies and their new, very tired looking families! 

The breakfast buffet is fabulous—huge spread of every American and Chinese breakfast item imaginable.  Emily was so happy!  She said “finally, real Canadian breakfast!”  She ate eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, and had a huge smile.  Stephy had scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and toast.  Danny and I stuck with dim sum items, although I finished off with toast.

The weather isn’t good here.  It is cool and threatening rain.  The plan was to take the kids to the playground, and we did go, but it started to rain after about 30 minutes, so we had to cut that short.  The girls were really disappointed since they’d been looking forward to the freedom after so many days of obligations and boredom.

They convinced us to buy some Chinese dancing fans, as you can see.  When we got back to the hotel they put on an awesome dancing show for us, complete with “Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.  This is our dancing show.  These are our rules—no smoking, no flash camera, and no video.”  Too freaking funny!!

The highlight of the trip into Guangzhou was dinner with “Uncle Johnny.”  He’s actually just a friend that owns the hotpot restaurant in Richmond Hill that we frequent.  He lives in the area for part of the year, so we joined him and his family for dinner tonight.  We went to the Little Sheep hotpot restaurant here in Guangzhou that is famous for delicious lamb dishes and we were not disappointed.  The food was terrific and plentiful.  We had a great meal. 

We weren’t back to the hotel until about 9:00pm, so we called it a day shortly thereafter.  We stopped briefly by the executive lounge to get a bedtime chocolate treat for the girls after such good behaviour despite the weather and went to bed.