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Well, now that we got through the wedding fiasco, we’re free to do our own thing for the rest of our time here in  Hong Kong.  This year the weather has been a real crap-shoot.  Not like last year, where we had nothing but sunshine and warm weather.  This year it’s been really unpredictable.  Warm one day, really cool and damp the next.  Now, before you think I’m looking for sympathy, really cool is about 15 degrees, but with the dampness here, it feels much colder.  Okay, so you’re not feeling sorry for me, are you??

After yesterday’s festivities we decided to let the kids sleep nice and late today, so it was noon by the time we were all showered, dressed and out.  Emily wanted to take a ferry boat ride again, and in spite of the cool winds, we agreed.  We took the ferry over to Tsim Sha Tsui again, as it’s a fun shopping area, with a mix of North American style malls and outdoor shopping markets.  As soon as we got off the ferry the kids started demanding McDonalds for lunch.  Luckily I dissuaded them and we had noodles and rice instead.  The place was busy and the food was pretty good, so our afternoon was off to a good start.  Danny let Emily order and drink Coke.....see below.

Funny note about any shopping in Hong Kong—there are no public washrooms in the stores or malls, no matter how high end, with very few exceptions.  They usually direct you to a McD’s half a kilometre away or a KFC or Burger King.  They are the only washrooms open and available to the shopping public.  Seriously.  You learn to hold it, often.  Unfortunately, with small kids, that’s not always an option, and as you can see by the photos, we ended up in a long lineup at the McD’s later in the afternoon when Emily felt the need.

We stopped twice in the afternoon for some fun drinks and treats.  There are many “dessert” shops in the Mong Kok area, and the first stop we got mango smoothies for Emily and Danny, and I had a funny purple rice and taro combo in a bowl.  Stephanie opted for an egg-waffle from another street vendor so we were all happy.  By the time we stopped again, it was more in hopes of finding a clean-ish washroom and a rest stop as the kids were tired after walking around all afternoon.  We found both (mostly) and had some dessert again.  This time Emily got a funky mango and strawberry drink and Stephy picked some kind of strawberry gelato-ish thing.  The bathroom was useable, so that was a bonus.

We had made plans to meet Danny’s #5 aunt for dinner tonight.  She’s one of his relatives that I have a real soft spot for.  She’s quiet and unassuming, so if we meet her with other people she tends to get “lost in the crowd,” so we make a point of meeting her on her own.  She was waiting for us when we got to the restaurant and we had a lovely meal with her.  As you can see, Emily has the patience of a saint with older people, and was quite content to help aunty walk around.  Aunty just kept saying what a lovely kid Emily was and Emily was beaming with pride (and so was I).

For once we weren’t late heading back to the hotel and we called it a night at a reasonable time.  Unfortunately, my 7 year old had had caffeine earlier in the day, and was still bouncing off the walls shortly after midnight.  NO MORE COKE FOR MY KID!!!!