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No photos from me this morning!!  The kids and Danny went to the movie theatre to see Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 and I went to pick up my new glasses!

As you can see by the photos, the whole movie experience in Hong Kong is just a little more civilized than it is at home.  Geez, those seats look better than some peopleís living rooms!!  Emily and Stephanie just about rendered us broke by wanting North American style hotdogs there, but as you can see by the smiles, it was worth it.  They both ate lots and really loved the movie.

We had agreed that Iíd go back to Elements mall after getting my glasses and meet them, so thatís what I did.  They came running out of the theatre, dancing and laughing and pretending to be Brittany and Jeannette (two of the Chipettes).  Clearly the movie had been money well spent.  Danny and I were hungry, although the kids werenít, so we went into one of the restaurants in the mall.  Expensive food, not great, mostly disappointing, but it filled the gap.  They wanted to see my new glasses, so I showed them.  Yes, I chose RED!  Really RED.  Emily and Stephy loved them and wanted to try them on too, so fun photos for you to enjoy!

Iíll give you three guesses where we headed again tonight and the first two wonít even count against you.  Yes, Temple Street night market again!

We shopped around the area for a while, and when it got dark, we hit the streets.  As soon as we were in the area, I promised the kids that they could have any street food that they saw and wanted.  There was a BBQ stand, selling everything on a stick, and the kids wanted chicken wings.  Yeah, chicken, sold outside, not in the fridge, cooked outside, and handed to them in a paper bag.  Yeah, I agreed.  In fact, they loved them so much, they sent me back for more!!

I wanted to go back to the outdoor seafood place again.  This time instead of scampi from a bucket, Danny ordered snails.  Canít say they were my favourite, but hey, you gotta try everything!  The shrimp was awesome again and we had a repeat performance of the lamb pot.

After dinner, the kids were still hyper and happy, so we decided to shop in the outdoor market.  An online friend was trying to find a Chinese dancing outfit that her daughter needed, so I wanted to look for that one more time. 

Success was mine!  Talk about a needle in a huge haystack!  There are hundreds if not thousands, of vendors at the night market.  Itís basically a huge flea market with most stalls selling either Chinese trinkets, Chinese outfits, or knock offs of purses or clothing.   Itís wildly busy and requires a fair bit of negotiation if you donít want to over pay for things.  I could hardly believe that I found what she wanted among all this chaos, but I did.  Then it became time to pay what I wanted to pay, not what they asked.  At first the girl asked me for $99HKD and I laughed and walked away.  She offered to take $80, but I still walked away.  She asked how much Iíd pay and I said $75HKD (about $11CDN) and although at first she said no, when I again walked away, she said okay.  I LOVE a bargain.  Got the outfit, and also two silky little dressing gowns that my kids decided they needed, and off we went.

We were almost ready to go when Emily and Stephanie decided they wanted to buy Chinese dresses for New Year.  Okay, so weíve only seen about 30,000 dresses in the past weeks, and probably 10,000 tonight, but they wait until weíre ready to go.


They picked out two lovely dresses at a different stall, so I asked how much.  $130HKD says the girl.  Oh no, says me, and I walk away.  Then she drops to $100, and I walk, then she calls back and says $70HKD.  Still too much, so I walk away.  She asks how much, I say $50HKD each, two for $100HKD (about $13CDN).  First, she balks, and I walk away, then she relents.  Did I mention that I love a bargain??

Happy with our purchases (they were happy with the dresses, I was happy with my bargaining, Danny was happy to get out of there) we headed on the subway back to the hotel.  Weíd had a great night at the market!