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Today was another day of different outings!  Iím still on a quest for something other than my walking shoes to wear to the wedding on Christmas day, and since Iím running out of time, thatís what Iím going to do today. 

Danny and the kids decided that in the nice sunny weather they were heading to Ocean Park.

No photos of my day to share, but I will tell you that I initially headed to Hong Kongís most expensive designer shopping mall, called Pacific Place.  I wandered all 3 floors of the place, taking in Gucci, Ferragamo, LV, Prada, Jimmy Choo, you name it....and I found nothing.  Seriously.  Danny had given me the ok to spend whatever, as long as I found some nice shoes for the wedding and I found nothing!  They were all just too designer, too weird for my feet, so I went over to Queensway Plaza instead.  Found a Nine West store and got a really nice pair of black pumps with killer pointy toes!

After that, I managed to get some Christmas shopping done in the Swatch store.  They had these cute kidsí watches that came in a jewellery box with a matching ring and necklace.  Since my girls are actually really girly when it comes to jewellery and fashion, I thought they were just perfect, and bought two.  Also got a small chocolate treat for each of them.  So, if you were contemplating reporting me to the Christmas police for taking my kids away and putting at risk their ability to receive gifts, rest assured, itís taken care of!!

Today was also my day to order new glasses.  Notice that I had the sense to do my shopping alone, rather than drag the kids and Danny with me.  Not only does it make for an easier shopping experience, there canít be any blackmail photos as a result!!!  I ordered some really cool new glasses and that was my day!  Theyíll be ready on the 28th, so plenty of time to bring them home.

Danny and the girls took the bus out to Ocean Park for the afternoon.  They did tons of rides, and ate nothing but junk food, as youíd expect.  They saw the dolphin show and although it was hot to be sitting in the sun, both kids raved about it.

They had some challenges, because while Emily is a total daredevil and wants to go on big rides, Stephanie is too short so they wonít let her go on them.  Danny had to make some improvisations to keep both kids happy, but they seemed pleased enough, so I guess it was successful.

Since we havenít had hotpot in ages (yeah, right!) we went to a place called Tao Heung tonight.  Itís another of our family favourites.  Nowhere near as expensive as Little Sheep, but also very good.  The dinner was terrific, and the kids were actually hungry, which surprised me given the photos of eating hotdogs, ice cream, etc. 

After dinner we came back up to the hotel so I could show off my new shoes, and then the girls finally got into bed before 11pm for the first time in several days.  Meanwhile, Danny decided he needed a night on the town and headed out to shop/tour.  He wasnít back at the hotel until after 1:30am so it must have been fun!