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Another damp, but not cold day here in Hong Kong, so another low key day for our family.  We had hoped to get back to DisneyLand again before we go, but it’s looking like that won’t happen, since there’s little point in going when it threatens to rain and spoil the day.

Believe it or not, before they even left the theatre yesterday, Emily and Stephanie had conned Danny into agreeing to take them to see Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 AGAIN.  Yes, again.  Different theatre this time, but same movie.

Actually today’s theatre is less lavish than yesterday’s but still awesome.  In fact, the kids prefer this one because the pitch is bigger here, so they can see better.  Still got nice comfy, highback seats too!!

While they headed to the movie (again), I shopped (again).  This is a pattern I can live with for sure.  This time I didn’t just walk around and shop, I bought stuff.  Enough stuff that tomorrow will probably include shopping for a new suitcase.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, since I had been thinking we needed a new suitcase anyway.... J

By the time the kids were done at the movie, and full of popcorn and hotdogs, they met me back up at the hotel.  We had no set plans this afternoon, but we do have dinner plans.  Our own dinner plans, too, not some big family meal.  We have just two more nights here in Hong Kong and I want to make sure they are spent eating some of our favourite Hong Kong foods, so I had Danny book us a table at my favourite hotpot place for 6pm.

We went to Causeway Bay area late in the afternoon.  In spite of all of the shopping outings, we really haven’t bought much (well, I have, but the kids haven’t).  This time around, they were on a mission—spend all of mommy’s Hong Kong money!!  As you can see, Emily chose Converse sneakers with flowers and Stephanie spent my money in the Nike store.  Nope, they’re not cheap fakes, direct from the Nike Store.  They also chose skirts, jeans and dresses in the huge shopping store called Sogo.  It’s a funny shopping centre that looks like one big store from the outside but is actually floor after floor of individual little boutiques.  Everything from Burberry (real, not fake) on down.  The stuff I agreed to buy for the kids was from the “on down” section!!!  How funny was it that they were selling Roots stuff there, too.....particularly stuff with the Toronto Maple Leafs logo on it?

Dinner was terrific, as it always has been at this restaurant.  The kids were pretty well behaved and happy and ate lots.  Danny and I were totally full and it wasn’t even too late when we were done.

Just as we were getting ready to leave we had a fun experience.  This particular restaurant is one of the places in Hong Kong where we seldom see westerners.  The menus are all Chinese and the staff don’t speak any English.  Just as we get ready to go, we see a large family of westerners come in and sit at a big table nearby.   I hear them try to get the waitress to understand that they want “dim sum.”  Unfortunately, dim sum is only ever served from morning to early afternoon, so the waitress was stumped as to how to deal with them.  She kept shaking her head and saying “dim sum no.”  I went over to them and told them that dim sum is a morning thing and they looked a bit panicked.  I suggested that since they were already here, why not try hotpot, what this restaurant is famous for?  They were game to try but couldn’t order anything without help.  Between me speaking to them, and Danny filling in the order forms in Chinese, we got them sorted.  Turned out they are from Aberdeen Scotland, on vacation in Hong Kong, and were really pleased that the crazy Canadians stopped by to help.

Hopefully they enjoyed their hotpot experience, and the foods that Danny and I chose for them!

Good deed done, we hopped in a taxi and called it a night.

Hard to believe just one more night in Hong Kong.   At times it feels like we’ve been here forever, and other times it feels like we just arrived.  Tomorrow we’re supposed to go to a big fancy banquet dinner for an elderly relative’s birthday.  I think the girls and I are going to skip that experience for our final night in Hong Kong.  The dinner won’t even start until after 8pm, too late for the kids, and the food is primarily stuff that me and the kids don’t love.